What we're about

CaneX is your Farm Solutions partner
that makes your operations as efficient as possible.

We are the trusted and top choice for harvesting, loading, and hauling services.

Why choose us

We're the best choice you'll ever make.

We understand your needs and we know how to help.

We are innovative

We marry our years of experience with whats new with the industry. We think out of the box and use technology and improve processes that result in the most efficient service for you.

We support the planter and mills

Our business is about the industry and all its main players which are the planters and the mills. Our farm solutions make sure that it is a win-win not only in cost, but in technology, practice and process as well.

We have the best equipment

As a company with over 50 years experience in logistics, leasing, equipment and more, we know which machinery to use. Our team of engineers, industry experts and innovators find what's best for our services. This translates to servicing you best.

We are easy and flexible

Our service has your business in mind. We recognize the industry has some standards and non-standards, and this made us create a model which is customizable to your capacity or desired result.